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Mindfulness Monday's

12: noon

Keith leads the ongoing Mindfulness practice group, to develop your self-awareness, to better manage stress, mind, emotions, and sensations.  So you are more present, and less “freaked out” by life.  Connect your body, mind, and spirit.

On Summer Vacation


Keith Fiveson, M.Div, CARC

Tai Chi Practice


Qi Gong Tueseday


Sync with the flow of seasons and nature with moving meditation. You will learn exercises to correct old body and mind patterns and renew tuning in to the universal patterns. Get a Zoom link once you register on Sands Point Preserve site  

On Summer Vacation


Dr. Adina Dabija

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Prayerful Wednesday  

8:30 am

Please join us every Wednesday for morning prayer and meditation. During this period you will hear scripture from multiple faith paths, and then be guided into a meditation period. Morning service will be guided by a variety of Ministers and Reverends.  

On Summer Vacation 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Rev. Maureen Kessler

Welcome to the Center for Wellbeing.  Our on-site and online programs offer a platform for all faiths and paths to be expressed in our community.  Whatever your path, you are welcome here.  Our focus is on health, wellness, peace and happiness for all. 
Image by Bill Oxford


Your Environment Now

10:00 am

Your Environment Now (YEN) - Join Dr. Hildur Palsdottir, President of the Board of Trustees for the Science Museum of Long Island and the co-founder of ReWild Long Island. ReWild pioneers restore habitats for local wildlife with native plants and trees replacing the “perfect lawn.” 

Join at 10:00am on Wednesday


Dr. Hildur Palsdittor

Meditation in Forest


Tuning-in with Teens

10:00 am

Join Cathy Riva Bloomgarden, a well-known mindfulness educator for Mission Be, will use meditation and group exercises to teach us how to find balance, peace and happiness in an increasingly stressful world. Resource guides will be available upon request.

On Summer Vacation


Cathy Riva Bloomgarden

Image by Aaron Burden


Bible Study - Upper Room

10:00 am

Bible study with the Upper Room Meditations

Join this group discussion using the Upper Room daily meditations provided to each attendee 

On Summer Vacation


open to all 

Group study & sharing 

Healthy Food


Nancy's Kitchen

11:00 am

Nancy Ferraris, a celebrated chef, trainer and innovator of Nancy’s Nourishing Kitchen is a fitness enthusiast and Natural Foods Chef, trained in health-supportive cooking.  This is a lively discussion with plenty of good food ideas 

On Summer Vacation

nancy on porch.webp

Nancy Ferraris, Chef

Classes are offered daily and watch a video anytime you like.  
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