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Programs and Curriculum 

Congregational Nursery School

The school is nondenominational and accepts applicants of all religions, races, and heritages.  As an outreach program of the church, and as a community service, the philosophy, goals and program reflect those of the Church at large to develop in each child a love of self, a love for others, and love of God.

The Nursery School Experience 

Your child will be learning to: Work alone and with others, Share and take turns, explore, discover, and expand abilities and interests, express thoughts, ideas and feelings, make decisions, think and do for him/herself, cooperate and help others. Activities will be planned to build self - confidence, encourage independence, develop vocabulary, show differences in sound, size, shape and color, develop awareness of the world around them, and increase interest in people, books, numbers. 

Nursery School Director

Joyce has served as The Congregational Nursery School Director since 2010. 


Joyce received her B.S.& M.S. at St. John's University.  Her NYS certifications include Nursery through 12th grade, general education and special education.


Joyce's teaching experience includes teaching in a

NYC public school, 4th grade, Private elementary school, 1st grade, and The Congregational Day Nursery School, 3 year old program. 


In addition to directing The Congregational Day Nursery School, she is serving as an adjunct professor at Adelphi University in the early childhood special education graduate program. 


Joyce Domanico:


Phone: (516) 365 - 9616

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