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Our Nursery School is nondenominational and accepts applicants of all religions, races, and heritages.  As an outreach program of the church, and as a community service, the philosophy, goals, and program reflect those of the church at large to develop in each child a love of self,

and a love for their neighbor. 

What your child
will experience:

Our play-based curriculum encourages your child to use their imagination, become curious about the world, explore their surroundings, be active, and learn through play. Children play to practice skills, try out possibilities, revise hypotheses, and discover new challenges. Play allows children to communicate ideas and to understand others through social interaction. Play paves the way to become a successful academic learner.


Our programs lead children to be self-confident and to believe in themselves so they are kindergarten-ready both socially and academically. Kindness and inclusivity stand at the center of all our programs.

Learning to Read



TUES/THURS: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM OR WED/FRI:  9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
MONDAYS (9 AM - 11 AM Optional)                             

Our two year old immediate separation program is open to children who turn two by September. The two hours, two days program gives families the choice of placing their child in Tuesday/Thursday or a Wednesday/Friday class. 

Children begin their nursery school experience learning through play and interacting with their classmates. We have an outdoor enclosed sand playground that the 2’s visit each day. 


There’s no such thing as too much glue, paint, glitter or singing!



TUES - FRI: 9:00 AM - 12: 00 PM 

The three year old program is the next step towards socialization. Children begin to explore and discover on their own as they transition from parallel play to interactive play.  Teachers concentrate on fostering self-confidence for optimal learning potential. The 3’s have outdoor recess daily where they will see other 3’s classes.

We strive to have your child be “excited” about coming to school each morning!

Children who turn 3 before Dec. 1 may enroll in this program.



MON - FRI:  9 AM - 12:00 PM 

The four year-old program fosters your child's independence. Through our play curriculum children are exposed to all kindergarten readiness skills, including reading, writing and math. Homework becomes part of their school routine. Children are able to participate in hands-on group academic lessons. They will follow three-step to five-step directions and learn from both teachers and each other.

All 4/5’s classes meet during "Fun Day Monday" (mini-lessons from different 4/5’s teachers), "Wow Wednesday" (gym time), and "Music Friday!" These large-group activities give children the opportunity to meet all of the four and five year-olds, so they will see familiar faces in kindergarten. All of the 4/5's classes also see each other at their daily outdoor recess. Making new friends from different classes gives the children the ability to transfer socialization skills into kindergarten.


Children who turn four before Dec. 1 may enroll in this program.


MON - FRI: 9 AM - 12 PM

The 5 year old program is designed for children who need the “gift of time” for those whose birth date falls late in the year. This class concentrates on fine-tuning reading/writing/math readiness skillss as well as advancing their social/self-awareness in preparation for kindergarten. 


The staff for camp will be some of our regular teachers, assisted by a group of responsible young adults, all of whom have experience with children.  We focus on moving outdoors; activities are more casual and outdoor-oriented in the summer as water play, sprinklers, games, crafts, and fun theme days take over.

Please see the calendar for dates. 

Balloons Floating in the Air


Joyce Domanico 

Joyce has served as the Congregational Nursery School Director since 2010. 


Joyce received her B.S.& M.S. at St. John's University.  Her NYS certifications include Nursery through 12th grade, general education, and special education.


Joyce's teaching experience includes teaching in a NYC public school fourth grade, private elementary school first grade, and Congregational Nursery School’s three year-old program. 


In addition to directing Congregational Nursery School, she has served as an adjunct professor at Adelphi University in the early childhood special education graduate program. 


Joyce Domanico:


Phone: (516) 365 - 9616

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